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‘Pennies for Haiti’ is a 501(c)(3) organization, registered in the state of Florida, was founded in 2010 as a non-profit organization guided by Christian values. We are helping underprivileged children through various projects, such as ‘Feeding Haiti’s Children’. Our organization is committed to Haiti’s future and we stand united with many other organizations that have chosen to answer the global call to end hunger and poverty in our world. Currently, we collect donations through various online por-tals via our website, Facebook page, crowd funding sites and through in-person charity.

Our long term goal is to stop the cycle of poverty through nourishing and educating the chil-dren. They are the future of Haiti and the country’s best hope to radically change its current impover-ished state. The short-term goal is to provide food to children who have none, enabling them to make the best use of educational opportunities by improving their focus, concentration and ability to retain information. Following the devastation caused by the 2010 earthquake and subsequent hurricane in 2012, the need for assistance in Haiti is overwhelming. ‘Pennies for Haiti’ is working to provide a bet-ter quality of life to the people of Haiti, and we believe the children are the country’s greatest hope.

‘Pennies for Haiti’ exists solely to serve the Haitian people. We are dedicated to work together with other organizations and sponsors to fulfill this mission.

‘Pennies for Haiti’ vows to conduct all activities with integrity and transparency, in what we do and say. We accept responsibility for our actions as a unified organization and commit to financial responsibility for all donated funds. All records and documents are available to the public upon re-quest.

Our Mission

Our mission is to save Haiti's most vulnerable citizens lives through medical care, educational sponsorship and addressing malnutrition and hunger in their lives.

Our Vision

Vision Statement Our vision is of a Haiti where its children no longer live in poverty.

Our Core Values

• Guided by Christian values to help the poor and needy.

• A strong commitment to hard work in order to find solutions for each family or family member.

• Inspiring others to make the world a better place.

• Respectful of those who we work for and with.

• Good stewards of all the resources entrusted to us.

• Empowering people or individuals instead of enabling them.

• Be an active and responsible global citizen in making our world a better place.

Mission Saving Lives

Mompremier Soin -- Improving Family Health Care

Ready to Learn -- Increasing Literacy

House of Hope & Agape -- Homelessness Reduction

Chimin Lakay: Nwel Pou Timoun ~ Christmas for Children -- Spreading Joy

Teach a Woman to Fish -- Poverty Reduction

Our History Putting Children First

We started the ‘Feeding Haiti’s Children’ project in 2011, in order to assist a school in Petit-Place-Cazeau. A fundraiser was held, enabling us to hire a chef and two sous-chefs, who prepared and served the donated food which the school had received. We also started the ‘Teach a Woman to Fish’ project, allowing us to assist a cobbler and a web designer to return to their craft, as they had lost everything in the earthquake. In 2012, we started the ‘House of Hope’ project; dedicated to helping orphanages in need. After its implementation, we were eventually contacted to assist a failing orphanage at that time, and we immediately started sending food to feed the children. We later coordinated with ‘Food for the Poor’ to ensure the food sent to the orphanage was being received and was sufficient for all seventy-five children. ‘Pennies for Haiti’ held many other fund raisers on their behalf and distributed underwear, shoes, ice cream, cupcakes and toys. We also assisted with the children’s tuition and school supplies. In 2013, the Executive Director, Raygine Francois, moved to Haiti in order to have a stronger impact and better supervise the projects that had been established. We started the ‘Ready to Learn’ project and assisted many children with tuition, closing the year by celebrating Christmas in Croix-des-Bouquets at our first Christmas Fair, ‘Nwel Pou Timoun’.

The year 2014 was spent adjusting and tweaking all of our projects to better serve the community. In 2015, we hosted our first mission trip and ministered to the children of the orphanage, we created ‘Mission Saving Lives’, which encompasses all of our projects created in the last five years, assisting children and families in schools and orphanages located in various areas of Haiti. As the year came to a close, we were contacted once more to assist an orphanage in Cap-Haitian, which was home to about 50 children. The ‘Mompremier Soin’ project was created in honor of the heroic, yet tragic, death of Emerson Mompremier, Captain, U.S. Army Field Artillery, a dear friend and supporter of ‘Pennies for Haiti’. He had a huge heart and was always ready to help someone in need. This projects’ aim is to help expectant mothers deliver healthy babies, with ‘Pennies for Haiti’ providing the necessary care from fetus to birth.


Meet Our 2018 US Board


Teddy Ariot Public Relations


Joshua Glow Vice-Chair


Megan Maldonado Beneficiaries Advocate


Abigail Morris Secretary


Maida Napoleon Board Director


Wisler Myrthil Chairman of the Board


Raygine Francois Co-Founder & Executive Director

Meet Our 2018 International Board


Tania Brandt Board Director


Nathalie Georges Board Director


Francisco Jovin Board Director


Kurt Jim Larsen Board Director


Ludger Valcin Board Director


Raygine Francois Co-Founder & Executive Director

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